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Gulf Pulses takes great care in its after sales services. It is capable of both providing medical products and delivering to the clients across all sectors of governmental and private healthcare…

Operating room supplies

Our medical supplies division offers premium quality products that are well-known in international markets for its durability and safety for all healthcare providers and patients as we make sure we cover most medical supplies.

Central sterile supply department

The Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD) Consumables are a vital part of each medical facility. We offer a wide variety of CSSD Consumables for all medical sectors & guarantee for both quality and safety for our clients.

Cosmeticsics surgery & body contouring

Plastic surgery incorporates aesthetic surgery and reconstructive surgery. We also supply special instruments which meet the requirements of the latest technology standards.


Oncology is a branch of medicine that deals with cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment. We have a full range of venous access products like CT Implantable Ports.


We offer a wide range of disposables, durable goods, and diagnostic and treatment supplies designed to help you meet your Dermatology practice needs.

Skincare and cosmatics

Our cosmeceutical skincare range contains high levels of clinically proven active ingredients supported by a simple yet sophisticated skin health philosophy.